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Moses introduced himself. He rang me up at 7-11. Then he asked if I have a phone number.709460225_ff632d2810

Across the street a homeless man said, “Excuse me…I love you. Look at you. You’re my true love. I love you.” 


Last night I had a dream I saw the Fonz.



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i love this month!!

in front of 7-11 there was a homeless guy with a broken humerus bone popped upwards(!) begging for change. a few days ago there was a bum crossing the street whose hand was dangling from his permanently broken wrist. the homeless in the summer.

for dinner dylan and i walked to cpk at the pru, stopping to smoke on a random hill overlooking a parking lot near a dog park. we went to the longwood galleria for dairy queen, which came up because his flip flops are the same color as a cherry-dipped DQ cone. i had the biggest one i’ve ever had! it hit the spot. eric met us, and we ate them while double parked on peterborough street in front of el pelon, then we tossed the frisbee around in the fens. i left them and came home sweaty. it’s still so warm and hazy outside.

tomorrow night i’m working after alan (ugh, alan) at the lemonade cart.

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just back from mission hill

Since when did the smell of patchouli incense and remnants of burning cigarettes begin to serve as a signal to my roommates that I’m home?

I was at Becky’s to have a quick visit with Kim and say happy holidays to Becky. We smoked together and watched “Saved!” Unfortunately we didn’t get to finish it.

Becky had to go to work so we all got into Kim’s car, which is no longer Taurie, and headed down Huntington Ave. I got dropped off at Mass Ave. and Westland. Kim told me to call her when I got home.

On the walk home it was still nice out. I looked at what I was wearing: bronze flats ($5), black leggings ($10), a red, cotton dress ($15), and a long, gray zip- up hoodie (birthday present). I was proud to calculate that my entire outfit cost me only $30, or $35 if including my gold, leaf necklace. Some people, perhaps a marjority of people, would be ashamed of wearing such budget threads. To hell with them. They clearly have their priorities mixed up.

But so do I. When I walked into our apartment with my treats from 7-11, Rolling Stone with Snoop on the cover, and a frozen Vanilla-Almond ice cream bar, I put my ice cream in the freezer and took out my leftovers from last night’s dinner at The King & I. Then I remembered on the walk home I had been craving a cigarette but couldn’t smoke because I left my lighter at home. So I abandoned my take-out box and headed to my room. I lit patchouli, closed my door, made sure my window was cracked open, and started writing all of these thoughts down, while smoking a much-desired cigarette.

Now, onto dinner!

When my roommates come home they’ll know I’m here.

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