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Work, Music, Sushi=Life?

My problem with blogging is that I think too much. I need to just go at it. It’d make me do it more, and it wouldn’t feel like work. Speaking of, thanks to my boss I got to see Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige from the 10th row, at the perfect angle to the stage, this past Monday. “Which car is more hip hop? The BMW or the Lexus SUV?” When his wife rolled up in the Lexus to pick us up from the dive bar close to work he informed her, “We’re gonna take your car. Brittany said it’s more hip hop.” He then went on to give his wife props for “lookin’ all hip hop.” She did too, in her black knee-high boots. With my printed hoodie I was going for the street hip hop look, no stilettos for me.

When we were downing our double drinks, I learned a lot about where things are headed with work. It’s pretty huge so I’m definitely hanging on to this job. The most exciting thing is that in a week from tomorrow we’ll get our regular pay, plus the extra at the end of each month (which I’m hoping should be pretty hefty, I mean I’d settle for just a $100 and it’s already going to be way more than that). Some purchases I’d like to make (okay, I should use some towards credit card debt): A FULL BED for a REAL WOMAN! (A real “ladycat” deserves nothing less, afterall, and I’ve been without a real bed for too long), a new digital camera, and some new clothes/shoes, because I’ve been in the same ol’ duds (more or less) since who knows when.

Pants just visited and it was a good time, but I spent way too much money. I realized how much I talk about my boss, and this means two things. One, work is life, especially when you can work from wherever, whenever. Two, I’ve already got a lot of good stories from partying with him, hearing things through the grapevine, and just dealing with him. It’s entertaining stuff, because it’s a unique kind of work environment, and I feel really lucky for it. I don’t know many other people in their office “career” job who can relate as much. It goes for every job, but you just don’t know what it’s really like unless you actually work there. Of course there are times when I feel like I’m fucking everything up or he’s being way too demanding or ADD, but overall, the good outweighs the bad (and the perks help too- monthly full body massages with a top-notch masseuse, free concerts and albums for my reviews, a Trader Joe’s-stocked kitchen).

Another thing on my mind lately is music; I never buy it anymore. I think this is why my taste in music is feeling so outdated. I have old favorites, cd’s accumulated when Mom was actually paying for it. They nearly make me sick to look at now. I want new, new, new. No looking back! I need soundtracks to launch me into the future!!! Up, up and away. I do have new (or new to me) favorite bands/artists, but I just don’t have their albums:

Hot Chip

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy



Sly & The Family Stone

Nick Drake

Rolling Stones

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings



St. Vincent

Vampire Weekend (I feel like such an indie-scenester toolbag cuz of them, so I might start hating them soon, if they start becoming even more overhyped)

Dengue Fever

So yeah, I guess that extra bread will, in part, end up going towards some hefty music purchases.

I’m waiting for A to come over. I think he’s finally taking me OUT to dinner. We never go out, the closest we come to that is when he rides his bike down to the sushi place and brings back a feast for us (bean curds, mmm), which I think is so sweet. I can picture myself a year ago imagining my boyfriend and saying, “He should be the type who will go ride his bike in the rain to get me sushi!” It’s a tiny detail of a “requirement” I would come up, because I love sushi and boys on bikes. Tonight though…sushi out could be extra nice.


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My life consists of:

editorial internship M-W via Walnut Creek BART, via MacArthur station, via free shuttle. It’s a big plus that I usually write during the hour I have to kill before going in in the morning, while I sit outside with my Sbux, and that just being in the publishing office inspires me to brainstorm or write on my lunch break (sometimes). I definitely never felt that while temping in a financial office.

weekly check-in phone calls from Mr. Paul. Usually, like tonight, he’ll start out by saying he was on the freeway and just thought of me. Sometimes he tells me about how his grandmother’s doing in the hospital, but mostly when I hang up Becky will ask, “What’d he have to say?” to which I’ll answer, “I have no idea,” then she’ll go, “As usual!” and I’m like, “I think he said something about hanging out? …Maybe?”

giving my number out to various men, none of which I’m excited about, but who cares? Within two days, I gave my number out to three people. Two of them I met when I hit up the dance floor by myself down Crogan’s in da Creek, while Becky was on her date in the other room. Oh, did I mention they were friends with each other? Oooh, my b! Well, even though I was texting with one of them the next afternoon, I haven’t heard from him since, so it doesn’t matter. Plus, his myspace page failed to impress me (ie. skanky pics of chicks, and a weird typical Pisces thing for feet/toes..eww), but I love that his email address is Also those two and the others they were with were pretty fun. I bet you can’t say you that you’ve been wiped down before! Sounds dirty, but for those of you squares not in the know, I’m talking about “Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes!” from Lil Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down.” We were all doing the wipe me down to each other and it was a highlight in my life. Shout outs to Crogan’s for a surprisingly good time on the Thursday night dance floor.

The other dude was an older white guy, total square, who talked to me while we waited ten minutes for the BART up until we transferred and got off at separate stops. I was headed out to meet Mr. Paul at the club, and I once I told the guy that I was going to a club, I had to hear the “Maybe you could show me how to dance sometime.” Show your own damn self how to dance, buddy! That ain’t the job for me. I bitterly told him that I’ve tried that many times before and it just doesn’t work. HA.

football and crabbing with Asians/Koreans (and Becky) on my 24th birthday. I sure as hell didn’t see that coming, but that’s what happened because I was, again, 3rd wheeling with Becky and her date (but no, I will not be that 3rd wheeling friend that follows a couple around. Please, shoot me with your gat before that happens). Earlier that day we went to a Cal game, which was fun for a quarter or two, and then went late-evening crabbing. The view was really beautiful though, because we were on a pier right next to the Golden Gate bridge with the pretty lil’ city and the Bay Bridge across the water.

the end.

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The Analysts

What do they do at all their meetings? What makes a meeting worth it? What are they doing during their daily team update at 4 o’clock? To me, it looks like they’re staring up at a giant projection screen with a bunch of numbers and charts and acronyms in bright RGB colors.

I doubt I’ll ever know the answers.

Financial Analysts, a mysterious bunch.

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Unanswerable Questions..for now

AKA Questions I would ask my psychic if I had one:
1.) Will I ever have a job and be able to support myself? I sure fucking hope so. Hoping gets you nowhere, unfortunately.
2.) Is Hahn serious when he says it would “mean a lot” if I make an appearance at his b-day at Wonder Bar this weekend? My response to him started out, “Jigga what?”
3.) Will I read the books I borrowed from Dylan (Nora Epheron and Nick Flynn) in a timely manner?
4.) Why do I like sleeping next to D even though he means nothing?
5.) Why the fuck did he even bother calling me back on Saturday then not show up? And where the fuck has he been these past couple days?
6.) What will life be by September?
7.) When will I really start working on Bootylicious Exploits? That is seeing the light of day, mark my word!
8.) Am I getting sick?
9.) What is it that I’m sad about right now?
10.) What happened to the carefree days of Live Journal comments from whomever, whenever?
11.) What’s up with my mom? Our email correspondence has been shitty due to failed delivery so I have no idea how she is.
12.) Ken at career services says finding a job is about finding the right fit for me. How the fuck do I do that when I don’t even know where I fit and where I want to fit? I have never fit into anything completely. Por ejemplo, I was a smart kid, but I loved to kick it with the bad kids in the back of some math or history class. I’m white but I look Korean. I was in band but I could only hit an E on a good day! I wish I’d find something that I want to be 100% good at!!!
13.) Is it true what Hov once said, “Once a good girl’s gone bad, she’s gone foreva”? That would probably mean I’d keep fucking around with fuckups for the rest of my life, and there’s no way I could handle that.


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temping life

Since I got fucked over by my temp-permanent employer, I’m now floating around in the world of straight up temping. I went in at 8 this morning to be an on-call temper (ha), sat around and nearly fell asleep, until Jen came over to tell me and another more seasoned temp-er that she had a job for us. We went to a place in the Back Bay and did a data entry job, which involved finding zip codes for different cities on an Excel spreadsheet (it was so mind-numbing that I just had to take a minute to remember what I was doing). The zip codes we found had to be ones that were on another sheet. There are so many pointless cities! Who ever needs to talk about Greenville, NC? Or ANYWHERE in Ohio?

The second job was going on City Search, inputing the correct city and searching for termites and pests. We then had to input how many results came up for each keyword. Then the guy came in and told me I didn’t have to do it afterall so I got to leave at 4:15 and he still wrote down 5. That’s a plus. Seriously though, why do they need these numbers anyway? According to Becky, who called from her work when I was doing this, “They need their numbers.” I think she even said something about pie charts.

All of this took place in a room called “The Phone Room” with just me, a phone, and a shitty laptop that wouldn’t even allow me to check my email. I think that room is what hell is like. I know I say that about a lot of things.

Next week for the whole week I will be working at the MIT book sale doing more normal things that aren’t as lonely. Cashier shit. Can’t wait to see those MIT folk.

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today was…

CHIPPER! I was in such a grand mood all day, even uh, going out of my way to be nice to customers. I’d like to thank D for that I suppose. I only slept for maybe 2 or 3 hours, but work was actually okay. The run down of why we both had to wake up early: D- probation meeting. Me- pretzel bakery. I mean, obviously we have a lot in common…riiiiiiight. I’m tellin you, I think that lovely Dusty is right…”Just a little lovin/early in the morning/beats a cup of coffee/for starting off the day.”

At work Mark accused me of jungle fever. I told him it’s not all me, and I had hardly seen this kid on Saturday except for when we danced for a bit at the end of that very, very drunk, very, very infamous night. “Fuck that! It’s not my fault some black guys have yellow fever!” Mark died laughing, then realized yellow fever is an actual illness, then died laughing some more.

Other work highlights included Hershel claiming, “Give me a month. I will be the Pretzel Master.” Then I asked if he was going to come into work one day in a pretzel-printed karate suit. Hershel laughed which always gets me goin’ just because it’s so great. I can very much picture him with a Karate Kid-style headband on over his growing in mohawk hair style. Good shit.

At home Pants and I ate some pasta I got at Shaw’s/Swahs. We saw a cute guy in the laundry room. I took a shower and when I shut off the water what do I hear coming from the kitchen but “Cielito Lindo.” It sounded brilliant. Just a little extra fun for what as already a glorious day!

It’s now time for bed. Hooray!

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busy saturday

Look at all those pretzels!

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