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Moses introduced himself. He rang me up at 7-11. Then he asked if I have a phone number.709460225_ff632d2810

Across the street a homeless man said, “Excuse me…I love you. Look at you. You’re my true love. I love you.” 


Last night I had a dream I saw the Fonz.



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Photodiary, y’all


A day in the life! This is an example of some of the exciting things we’re up to lately. Making iced coffee, eating leftover deep dish. You can view the rest of our day here: <a href=””>here</a>

P.S. I’m tanner than you….haha jerks!


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Hair Affair


On the left, we have my hair. My hair, after I put it up in a bun on Friday, then slept with it like that for two nights. Pretty, right? On the right is Becky’s hair, unwashed and doing its usual thing. I’d like to thank the pool for everything. It taught me that showers aren’t that important, even though I kind of already knew that…Wild lookin hair is best blamed on the pool, rather than having to admit you haven’t had a haircut in well over the 3 month mark.

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Live from Oakland, CA


Well, here I am in Oakland. Dylan’s passed out in the bed next to mine in our lovely Days Inn hotel room. It’s 2am PT so I should definitely be sleepy, but maybe the Aderol is still kickin from waaaay earlier. My eyes were wide open on the flight so it felt like a long ride. God bless Jet Blue and their basket full of quality snacks (and the gin and tonic). I CANNOT believe I’m here and here to stay. It’s overwhelming and exciting.

My last weekend in Boston couldn’t have been better. Here’s the breakdown:

Friday: Got a ride to Amesbury with Jacq, went swimming at Ry’s, went to the Nbpt boardwalk with Ry and Matt Baby, met up with OJ and watched “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Saturday: Rode the train into Boston with Ry and Matt, ate at Cambridge One with Debby, Ben, Pants, Sara, Ry, and Matt, put my freakum dress on for the Freakum Dress Party (the most well-documented party ever), the power went out in the whole building and we lit candles and sweat our asses off for a bit, then the power came back and we partied till 4am. Amazing times with my favorite people.

Sunday: Got brunch with everyone at Thornton’s, smoked a bowl with Mikey B and JJ (see photo below), Keegan showed up to get my boxes, lied around half-dead with Pants, Sara and Matt.


I have a million things to write about in my composition notebook. I just hope I feel like writing it all down soon. They’re some of the best times.

We check out at 11am (9 short hours from now). Becky’s picking us up! Man, I’m excited to see her in our new city of San Francisco!

Time to attempt sleeping…

(Here’s a post that I had saved but never posted from my last day at the temp job:

It’s my last day at work today. End of a temp job. Completion! 2 more hours and counting. I’m very antsy. I’ll be celebrating by working the lemonade cart.

I have pictures from the weekend in my bag that I picked up on my lunch break. Newburyport is great when all the main players come out when you least expect it. I’m sure it was a quotable evening but I can’t recall. Pictures are never as good as being in the moment but you know, savoring the memories. I invited lots of people to the Freakum Dress party. It would be amazing if they actually did come but obviously they will not, which is good only because they couldn’t stay there. The house is going to be full enough.

We just had ice cream in one of the conference rooms for my last day here. A whole legit set up. The whole EM team, our floor admins, plus the receptionists were there. Bill is so sketchy and Mary definitely hates me for life. But the EM guys…they are some classics! I will kind of miss them all. I’m just sad that there was never an opportunity to get drinks with them! Amanda said everyone is living vicariously through me. They all seem very happy and a lot brighter compared to this morning.)

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Basketball is a Great Sport

Kevin Garnett – Taurus, 6″11″, Minnesota Timberwolves, aka KG
Dwyane Wade – Capricorn, 6’4″, Miami Heat, aka D Wade
Ricky Davis – Libra (cuspy: 9/23), 6’7″, Minnesota Timberwolves, aka Slick Rick

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Because I know some of you miss my face!


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I didn’t even get to sing my Thanksgiving diddy! Which is way better than the Bucs fight song!

Footnotes on pictures A through E, chosen as highlights of Wednesday:
[edit: ok, so for some reason the pictures are in a different order than how I uploaded them. The footnotes don’t correspond, but hopefully y’all can figure it out!]
A.) Being drunk with my high school clique. Everyone was in great moods already which added to the glory of it. Mom said we all look the same as we did in high school.
B.) Jenkins made an appearance at Sylvan Street! Talk about outta left field. Pathetically yet expected of me, I couldn’t help but get all “starry eyed” when I told Pants the next day. That’s just how it goes. It was an excellent run-in.
C.) Early in the night we made a date for approx. 9pm behind a dumpster. That was our tentative arrival time at the Grog, where Becky got out the party pack. We were in between the side of a house, which I peed on, and a shrub lining the parking lot. This picture was taken pre-9pm.
D.) Tim, Becky, Steve and me. Also a reunion of sorts. We’re all pretty classic if you ask me. Too bad I don’t remember what Tim and I talked about. He’s funny.
E.) Joy spread across my face when I saw these loving Gingers and the internationals. Ry said he’d never seen me SO excited in my whole life.

Yeah, I was into it all right. I liked the feeling of “flitting” about the dark basement of the Grog, talking to all kinds of people and snapping pictures constantly. It’s not that I miss high school, but it’s fun partying with everyone. Everyone who’s so dear!

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