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Friends Update: What are my friends doing?

BT: working down the station, where there are lots of binders to be made. Likes bike riding on her new bicycle, healthy things, swimming, and substitute teachers named PD.

DB: crunching those numbers, pulling a Sue Ellen: “I’m right on top of that, Rose!” (phone headset included). Likes his new boyfriend “the young fellow,” his new bronze bicycle, household projects, thrift finds which accumulate his “assets”

SN: moved into a new house with her boyfriend, updates me on life via IM, possibly getting a new job, soonish? Likes country music, Perez Hilton….I don’t know what else, as far as “new” like’s.

RN: busy as hell finishing up his last year in “uni,” recently and happily moved in with his boyfriend. Worlds away from me.

JC: Likes being a nurse, talking about Lowell, sometimes hangs with VM.

KB: I heard she just got a DUI. Uh ohz.

VM: gearing up for her big move to NYC, starting to go on interviews for a new job, visiting in a couple days! Likes fashion, hummus and espresso. (all old likes. I’ve no clue, as far as new ones go.)

BM: has finals this weekend and a time for a call this weekend (hooray!), finishing up his last year in school, being a barista, gets to job hunt this summer. Likes new movies and books, so probably whatever is current out there.

D: taking real estate classes. My reaction: “Oh, word?” Is real estate a common ‘out’ for hustlers, et al.?

AS: riding the train back from the metal show


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Things I hate

1. waking up before the sun
2. Bishop Ranch buses
3. the suburbs
4. I don’t have my license (still)
5. I break promises to myself, regarding writing/zine things, so I have a million unfinished pieces of shit that maybe no one will ever even read.
6. being poor
7. every shitty piece of clothing I own
8. myself
9. talking on the phone w/ men that don’t get me and never will, cuz what’s the point?
10. whining like a little bitch
11. feeling bloated
12. uncomfortable shoes
13. not having an ipod
14. feeling like I’m going to cry
15. doing laundry

Things I like
1. feeling well-rested
2. bursts of creativity
3. the feeling of finishing a book, which I did yesterday (Valencia by Michelle Tea, I recommend it)
4. sitting in cafes
5. parks and walking
6. cities
7. music
8. good laughs
9. men who pay for me (yeah, I’m that bitch)
10. having projects to do at work
11. the Bay Bridge
12. feeling like I accomplished something in my day
13. sleeping
14. screening my phone calls
15. texting
16. meeting a new person and instantly feeling at ease w/ them (this is very rare, especially for me, but Cali is just like that sometimes)


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My life consists of:

editorial internship M-W via Walnut Creek BART, via MacArthur station, via free shuttle. It’s a big plus that I usually write during the hour I have to kill before going in in the morning, while I sit outside with my Sbux, and that just being in the publishing office inspires me to brainstorm or write on my lunch break (sometimes). I definitely never felt that while temping in a financial office.

weekly check-in phone calls from Mr. Paul. Usually, like tonight, he’ll start out by saying he was on the freeway and just thought of me. Sometimes he tells me about how his grandmother’s doing in the hospital, but mostly when I hang up Becky will ask, “What’d he have to say?” to which I’ll answer, “I have no idea,” then she’ll go, “As usual!” and I’m like, “I think he said something about hanging out? …Maybe?”

giving my number out to various men, none of which I’m excited about, but who cares? Within two days, I gave my number out to three people. Two of them I met when I hit up the dance floor by myself down Crogan’s in da Creek, while Becky was on her date in the other room. Oh, did I mention they were friends with each other? Oooh, my b! Well, even though I was texting with one of them the next afternoon, I haven’t heard from him since, so it doesn’t matter. Plus, his myspace page failed to impress me (ie. skanky pics of chicks, and a weird typical Pisces thing for feet/toes..eww), but I love that his email address is Also those two and the others they were with were pretty fun. I bet you can’t say you that you’ve been wiped down before! Sounds dirty, but for those of you squares not in the know, I’m talking about “Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes!” from Lil Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down.” We were all doing the wipe me down to each other and it was a highlight in my life. Shout outs to Crogan’s for a surprisingly good time on the Thursday night dance floor.

The other dude was an older white guy, total square, who talked to me while we waited ten minutes for the BART up until we transferred and got off at separate stops. I was headed out to meet Mr. Paul at the club, and I once I told the guy that I was going to a club, I had to hear the “Maybe you could show me how to dance sometime.” Show your own damn self how to dance, buddy! That ain’t the job for me. I bitterly told him that I’ve tried that many times before and it just doesn’t work. HA.

football and crabbing with Asians/Koreans (and Becky) on my 24th birthday. I sure as hell didn’t see that coming, but that’s what happened because I was, again, 3rd wheeling with Becky and her date (but no, I will not be that 3rd wheeling friend that follows a couple around. Please, shoot me with your gat before that happens). Earlier that day we went to a Cal game, which was fun for a quarter or two, and then went late-evening crabbing. The view was really beautiful though, because we were on a pier right next to the Golden Gate bridge with the pretty lil’ city and the Bay Bridge across the water.

the end.

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Dear Zodiac signs…

Below are the initial reactions I have about men when I find out their signs.

Capricorn: Okay, I know how to handle you – we’re both pretty chill signs. You’re boring me five minutes into conversation though, so I’m gonna walk away now.

Aquarius: I don’t get you. I don’t really want to. We can be friends, I guess.

Pisces: Oh, so you’re a train wreck? This could work out. On second thought, I’ll try to fix you, then realize I can’t and that I’ve wasted years of my life.

Aries: We have nothing in common except that we’re both in the same building right now. You’re not getting my subtleties, and your directness is scaring me. Let’s just put on the television so we don’t have to talk to each other.

Taurus: Boring. Next.

Gemini: You’re an unsexy sign, but we should definitely be friends because we can already finish each other’s sentences. We share a planet, duh.

Cancer: I front like I want to spit on you and make you cry, which is true (sometimes), but I’m secretly into you. We’re good at talking to each other and making our own world. You have lots of feelings and you want to kiss the ground I walk on!

Leo: You’re probably into big shows of affection that will just embarrass me. You’re a loyal friend though.

Virgo: I don’t get along with female Virgo-Virgo’s, and you might be too proper and bitchy for me too, but I’m not crossing you off the list yet (only because I don’t have enough field research to judge).

Libra: Something inside me says this won’t work. Friends-only.

Scorpio: You’re intense, and complex, and sexual, and I love you.

Sagittarius: You would never be into me. The feeling’s mutual, bud.

Cusps I would like to meet: Aries-Taurus (I’ve read good things about us), and Cancer-Leo.

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let’s focus on what we HAVE!

1. Becky smelling good over there (Mac perfume)

2. body pillows (too bad there’s no vibrating egg in there….YET)

3. a bubbling hot tub and a pool

4. the link to booty hunter’s pool party pix, which will hopefully be up soon

5. two creative minds and a bunch of blank pages and pens!

6. leftover pizza

7. there’s always family guy on youtube

8. the option of a relaxing bath

9. condoms fresh for the pickin!

10. an unused theme for a zine

11. a 12 pack of heineken lights

12. “PEANUT BUTTAH ICE CREAM, PETAH PAN SEATS!” (no, i wish we had peanut buttah ice cream)

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Live from Oakland, CA


Well, here I am in Oakland. Dylan’s passed out in the bed next to mine in our lovely Days Inn hotel room. It’s 2am PT so I should definitely be sleepy, but maybe the Aderol is still kickin from waaaay earlier. My eyes were wide open on the flight so it felt like a long ride. God bless Jet Blue and their basket full of quality snacks (and the gin and tonic). I CANNOT believe I’m here and here to stay. It’s overwhelming and exciting.

My last weekend in Boston couldn’t have been better. Here’s the breakdown:

Friday: Got a ride to Amesbury with Jacq, went swimming at Ry’s, went to the Nbpt boardwalk with Ry and Matt Baby, met up with OJ and watched “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Saturday: Rode the train into Boston with Ry and Matt, ate at Cambridge One with Debby, Ben, Pants, Sara, Ry, and Matt, put my freakum dress on for the Freakum Dress Party (the most well-documented party ever), the power went out in the whole building and we lit candles and sweat our asses off for a bit, then the power came back and we partied till 4am. Amazing times with my favorite people.

Sunday: Got brunch with everyone at Thornton’s, smoked a bowl with Mikey B and JJ (see photo below), Keegan showed up to get my boxes, lied around half-dead with Pants, Sara and Matt.


I have a million things to write about in my composition notebook. I just hope I feel like writing it all down soon. They’re some of the best times.

We check out at 11am (9 short hours from now). Becky’s picking us up! Man, I’m excited to see her in our new city of San Francisco!

Time to attempt sleeping…

(Here’s a post that I had saved but never posted from my last day at the temp job:

It’s my last day at work today. End of a temp job. Completion! 2 more hours and counting. I’m very antsy. I’ll be celebrating by working the lemonade cart.

I have pictures from the weekend in my bag that I picked up on my lunch break. Newburyport is great when all the main players come out when you least expect it. I’m sure it was a quotable evening but I can’t recall. Pictures are never as good as being in the moment but you know, savoring the memories. I invited lots of people to the Freakum Dress party. It would be amazing if they actually did come but obviously they will not, which is good only because they couldn’t stay there. The house is going to be full enough.

We just had ice cream in one of the conference rooms for my last day here. A whole legit set up. The whole EM team, our floor admins, plus the receptionists were there. Bill is so sketchy and Mary definitely hates me for life. But the EM guys…they are some classics! I will kind of miss them all. I’m just sad that there was never an opportunity to get drinks with them! Amanda said everyone is living vicariously through me. They all seem very happy and a lot brighter compared to this morning.)

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sunday already? boo hoooo

The weeks are flying by. I’m nervous and anxious about moving naturally. You just gotta believe!

weekend keywords:
-“24 Hours on Craigslist” (this movie made me say, “we’re not living in san francisco. i’ll never find a husband.” there is a whole new level of GAY in that city. berkeley please!!!)
-Upper Crust
-volvo zipcar drug run (failed attempt)
-bowl cleaning
-lemonade cart
-jim and ging
-kim k. and ray j sex tape (on ben’s laptop)
-brunch (moments from now) with ben and dyl

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