Mini-April Vacation

Pants is visiting. I took Thursday and Friday off to hang in the city with her. We met Dylan for lunch and ate by the water, walked up to Lombard St. Another day we walked to Hayes Valley, got chickaree in our iced coffees, left Dylan and did cartwheels at the Painted Ladies, before walking to Castro for my haircut.  Oh, and Thursday was such a shopping day. It felt good. I walked away with three madras-printed items. I love dresses.

That walking has tired us all out. We’re taking it easy doing our own things in Sonoma. Becky’s out front on the chair, Dylan’s cleaning up, Vanessa’s reading on the couch with the bizarre tilt, I just finished my Mariah Carey album review and emailed it. This was all prefaced by a Barefoot Contessa French toast recipe, cooked up by Dylan.

Last night it was bong rips and bowls aplenty, and a shiraz night-cap.


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