Friends Update: What are my friends doing?

BT: working down the station, where there are lots of binders to be made. Likes bike riding on her new bicycle, healthy things, swimming, and substitute teachers named PD.

DB: crunching those numbers, pulling a Sue Ellen: “I’m right on top of that, Rose!” (phone headset included). Likes his new boyfriend “the young fellow,” his new bronze bicycle, household projects, thrift finds which accumulate his “assets”

SN: moved into a new house with her boyfriend, updates me on life via IM, possibly getting a new job, soonish? Likes country music, Perez Hilton….I don’t know what else, as far as “new” like’s.

RN: busy as hell finishing up his last year in “uni,” recently and happily moved in with his boyfriend. Worlds away from me.

JC: Likes being a nurse, talking about Lowell, sometimes hangs with VM.

KB: I heard she just got a DUI. Uh ohz.

VM: gearing up for her big move to NYC, starting to go on interviews for a new job, visiting in a couple days! Likes fashion, hummus and espresso. (all old likes. I’ve no clue, as far as new ones go.)

BM: has finals this weekend and a time for a call this weekend (hooray!), finishing up his last year in school, being a barista, gets to job hunt this summer. Likes new movies and books, so probably whatever is current out there.

D: taking real estate classes. My reaction: “Oh, word?” Is real estate a common ‘out’ for hustlers, et al.?

AS: riding the train back from the metal show


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